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The goal behind management reporting should be to enable informed decision making. Yet too often, this information does not satisfy the users needs and can be out of date before it is received by the relevant party.

Our focus is on providing you with relevant information that is specific to your business and aligned with your strategic objectives. This can range from basic profit and loss reporting through to bespoke key performance indicators that are unique to your organisation.

Dependent on the level of support you require, we can produce information as frequently and as detailed as you would like, in a manner that suits you. We can also provide this information in whatever format you may require, for example:

  • Profit and loss analysis with graphical representations
  • Staff reports, detailing productivity, sickness and cost per department
  • Sales information, highlighting the number of new clients, sales by customer, conversion rates, price trends and product elasticity.

In addition to producing management accounts or bespoke management reports, we can also advise on your reporting processes. This may involve working with your teams to identify what information is key to your success and the most effective way to extract it.

For more information on how Mitchell Oswald can support your management reporting, contact us today.