Welcome to the Mitchell Oswald client portal

Hi [wpc_client_contact_name /], welcome to our client portal. From this page you can access your documents and send us secure messages. You can also upload documents to the portal. You will receive email notifications when documents are uploaded for you or when you are sent a secure message.

Please add the following email address to your safe senders list - clientportal@mitchelloswald.com. Your notifications will be sent to {user_email}.

To change your details, select 'Edit Profile' from the client portal menu.

Click here to view our user guide.


Items which require either your approval or comment will appear here.

Click on the items below within this box to view the messages and comment.
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Your documents

These are all the documents that are available for you to view. You can filter this list to show only certain categories of documents by clicking on the filter button. If you have been asked to approve a document you should see a link in the 'Messages / Approvals Required' section above.

[wpc_client_files_table file_type="all" show_sort="yes" sort_type="order_id" sort="desc" show_tags="no" show_description="yes" show_date="no" show_size="yes" show_author="no" category="all" with_subcategories="no" show_file_cats="yes" show_last_download_date="yes" show_thumbnails="yes" show_search="yes" show_filters="yes" filter_condition="or" show_bulk_actions="no" show_pagination="yes" show_pagination_by="10" no_text="You don't have any files" /]

Upload files

Use this box to upload files to the portal. Simply drag files onto the grey area or click on 'Add Files'.

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Files that you have uploaded

These are documents that you have uploaded to the portal.

[wpc_client_files_table file_type="own" show_sort="yes" sort_type="order_id" sort="desc" show_tags="yes" show_description="yes" show_date="yes" show_size="yes" show_author="no" category="" with_subcategories="no" show_file_cats="no" show_last_download_date="no" show_thumbnails="yes" show_search="yes" show_filters="yes" filter_condition="or" show_bulk_actions="no" show_pagination="yes" show_pagination_by="5" no_text="You have not uploaded any files" /]

Private messages

Use the private message system to send us a secure message.

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